Define blow door and infiltration test

Define blow door and infiltration test

This is our favorite subject. Why? Because infiltration

is so incredibly misunderstood. When we say misunderstood, do not

misunderstand; We acknowledge that the term blower door is not a mainstream

Words for the average homeowner. What is so incredibly misunderstood is that

are many heating experts, news public school writers and energy skills like

have completely missed the boat.

A fan door is a mechanical device that temporarily occupies one

outside the door of your home. It takes approximately 5 minutes to install the equipment.

When the house is prepared takes a few minutes usually, the fan is switched on

and the operator raises the speed until we reach a certain level

negative home pressure, usually 25 to 50 pascals.

Lets start with some basic tasks that do not take much building

knowledge to understand. Our Hampshire County homes and businesses lose heat in

winter months due to heat loss. Just like you need a jacket in cold condition

weather your body loses heat faster when its cold outside, the same holds true

true for buildings. Simply put: the colder its outdoors, the faster yours

the house will lose heat.

There are several basic elements for heat loss: the exposed surface of

walls, ceilings and floors and associated R-value, the glass you can see

the term glass boxes on manual J programs and the infiltration you can see

thermal air change per hour. Infiltration refers directly to how leaky or dense

the home is. The calculation depends on the total volume of the home high

or vaulted roof?. There is also ventilation to consider, but it is one

different subject.

So now that we have a few reasons down, why are all beings? Where is 95% of

The world is going wrong when it comes to how delicious your home is? It has to do with

The idea that in general not all the leaks come from doors and

Windows. It also comes from the basement and on the wind as well. Than,

all we read instructs us to seal the leaky windows and doors. There is

a big problem with that teaching.

The average house will breathe on its own. Its a layer of physics. Otherwise, bet

live in submarines. Now, if we go buy a dozen tubes of caulk and spend

weekend squirting silicone in all the gaps at the window framing, we made slow

down the infiltration? You bet! Is our house narrower? It sure is! Is it healthier?

Probably not! Is it safer? Probably not!

In our example, we only plug the good air into our homes. Now granted,

some houses are so delicious that they could stand as the example was out there and

maybe still a lot too leaking. Its not the idea here to cover everyone

possible scenario, neither hopefully anyone reading this expects it.

We have to be technical here for a while. The fact is that when we slow down

infiltration at windows and doors, we accelerate infiltration in other areas

of the house. If you are not familiar with all methods that deal with people

Take advantage of building your house, you may not realize how many violations there are

between your living space and the air in the basement and the wind, and others

No distressing areas like knee-walls and bonus room challenges. What was spelling

Outside, while you may have just cut your energy list down,

Overall comfort and health may have gone backwards. Breathing outdoors is

Good; breathing air and cellar air is not. Remember when Katrina had caused

damage to the dams in New Orleans? The workers tried to exert themselves frantically

holes, but when they are repaired, you break the increased velocity of the flood water

created even more violent destruction in other areas of the dikes. It was a struggle

against mother nature. The same goes for our homes. When we plug it up well

air, it is possible or probably too many factors for us to choose a word here

The bad air will take its place.

Human energy experts the real ones are very familiar with atmospheric

combustion appliances eg heat and hot water and the negative

shocks on a home will wear these devices. The areas where these

Apparatus is located usually basement in our part of the world called

CAZ, or the combustion air zone. If we move with CAZs ability to

get the necessary air to the appliances, we now have a problem on our hands. It can

Go unnoticed, or it may be so noticeable all your neighbors will get the clue

when they see big red trucks zoom down the street to your house with sirens


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