The Need for Wine Coolers

We all have refrigerators at home and since we have refrigerators, why do we need Wine coolers in the first place? A wine cooler is specific to wines because wine needs special care and specifications to help preserve it.

Wine Needs Care

There are different types of wines and based on the wines their length of preservation is determined. For example, ready to drink wines can be stored for 12 months if properly taken cared.

Usually, wine need to be in a temperature between 40 and 65 degree Fahrenheit. If there is a temperature fluctuation of more than 5 degrees, then the quality of wine would be affected. Humidity levels are also responsible for the quality of wines. Wines should be exposed to sunlight as they will be damaged within hours of exposure to UV radiation.

That is why, wines were kept in basements. But as not everyone has that luxury, wine coolers preserve wine for long durations.

Type of Wine Cooler to choose

Small wine fridge is used by those who don’t have enough floor space for bigger wine coolers. The storage capacity of these fridges varies to have 4 – 24 wine bottles. Haier wine cooler is one of the best options when it comes to compact wine cooler due to its sleek design and good quality.

Free standing wine cooler are the most common wine coolers in the market and one can find a good Wine cooler [reviews 2016, 2017) at a cost suitable for them. The space required by these coolers are more for proper ventilation. But the capacity and size are no problem they come in a wide range. Free standing coolers can be placed anywhere and come in single and dual temperature zone.

Built-in Wine coolers are the most expensive coolers as they are mostly designed according to the requirements. The ventilation is on the front of the coolers unlike the other types as they won’t have ventilation space at the back. These coolers are available in different materials to match the surrounding decors.

Tips to buy a Wine Cooler

There are several things that come into our mind while choosing a wine cooler. The most important things are space, budget and the taste. Here are some tips to get a high-quality wine coolers at a nominal price.

Online Discounts: Wine coolers are available online at discounted rates. It is always better to check for good quality coolers that are on sale. Many e-commerce sites offer deals and discounts for buying wine coolers.

Consumer Rating: Consumer rating is an important factor to choose a wine cooler. Go through user reviews, comparison charts and expert reviews instead of just relying on the manufacturer’s information.

Discounts: E-commerce sites offer a lot of discount coupons like the wine enthusiast coupon to draw the attention of the customers. So, make sure to check on such special deals before buying a product. It is always better to check for more than one site to get the best deal.

Warranty: Warranty is very important before you buy any product. So, check for the warranty before buying one.

Narrow down your choice based on your needs and get the right wine cooler for your home!

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