B-B-Q – The Best Food For The Epicurious

The beauty of a meal lies not just in the appearance but in the taste as well. The crispy black stripes that can be seen on a beautifully grilled food add a lovely look to the appearance. The high heat turns the food black in which lies the true charm. Authentic B-B-Q is the process of slow cooked meat over wood and charcoal at a low temperature. This process will not blacken the meal but still can smoke the food sufficiently. This black on the meal is the consequence of simple combustion. The meat burns when heat is continuously applied.

People who are in constant pursuit of great food and variety of spices are prone to try the grilled variety. The mouth-watering fragrance of the sizzling hot dogs and juicy hamburgers at the grill on a hot summer’s day is enough to attract just about anyone.

During spring, the weather is just perfect for a day out. Epicurious people try to experiment their culinary skills out in the woods or just in the backyard with a variety of foods on different types of grills.

The different types of grills are gas grills, charcoal grills, portable grills and electric grills. Many people prefer Not electric but gas grill to buy {BEST}. Slow cooked meat at a low temperature is the classic barbecue. Gas grills are the most popular of them all. It is the perfect backyard grill that one can hope for. Running on natural gas or a bottled propane, it is a convenient mode of cooking.

How to make the perfect grill: Charcoal Grills!

These grills utilize charcoals as the fuel for cooking. This fire power is abundantly found, very cheap and adds a unique flavour to the food that would not be found at the electric grill. charcoal made from natural wood is by far the most popular of them all. Purists love the smoky grilled flavour that can be derived out of this cooking. Only the charcoal grills can give you the smoky meats.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is very time-consuming. You need to start cooking by early evening in order to get dinner on time. It is not just the distinct aroma but the entire process of slow cooking that appeal to the audience. Food cooked on this charcoal grill is worth the wait.

REVIEW 2016: Grill Dyna Glo!

The durability of a product is one if its highest selling points. A good quality product is always worth every penny. The Grill Dyna-Glo falls under this category. The stainless steel grates are durable. They are high maintenance, of course, and require extra scrubbing. They might not look new after being used. But that does not reduce the quality of the product and the food cooked.


This grill performs phenomenally well for a big BBQ grill. The price is just as tempting. A person with a good taste with food and drinks will gravitate towards a cooking gadget that lives up to his expectations, every way.

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